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Deep Kitchen Cleaning

One of our popular cleaning services is our deep kitchen cleaning service, where we aim to make your kitchen a safe and clean environment for your staff to work in.It is important for commercial food and drink outlets keep their hygiene standards much higher than your average household as carbon build up, steam and grease can condense the inner walls of the ventilation duct work. This could be detrimental to the business as an unclean kitchen ventilation system can produce foul odours and transmit bacteria – which could lose them customers – create a fire hazard, and put their employees and customers’ health and safety at risk.

kitchen-canopyWe are a commercial kitchen cleaning company that can assist you with maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of your cooking environment with our deep kitchen cleaning services. These are thorough cleaning procedures that we carry out on a timely basis to ensure you meet hygiene standards. Prior to the service, we will perform a full site survey – where we will report any hazards or issues that conflict with health, fire and insurance legislations, and provide you with service recommendations and advice. You will also receive a free quotation before carrying out the job, and provide you with TR19 regulations certification upon completion.

Our kitchen cleaning services are scheduled to suit you; this means we will clean your kitchen during weekends or holidays when the area is not in use. Our goal is to get your commercial kitchen looking brand new, free from unpleasant odours, grease and carbon.

When we carry out our deep kitchen cleaning, we use professional cleaning products and equipment to thoroughly remove carbon build-up and grease on kitchen appliances, clear dust and dirt from kitchen extraction and ventilation systems, and remove grease from canopies and filters. Without a clean kitchen extraction ventilation system, harmful carbon monoxide gases, unpleasant odours and airborne pathogens could accumulate in the air and spread illness.

clean-cookerIn addition to this, we offer kitchen structure cleaning, we will perform structure and high level cleaning; ceilings, lights, floors, fixtures and fittings. We will sanitise kitchen surfaces, sweep the entire the floor and remove any built-in stains in areas of the kitchen that you would least expect! We will even remove clutter from the countertops, and discard of any waste as we also provide a waste management service.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen will help to eliminate harmful bacteria, prevent contamination, odour and fire hazards. Here at FL Facilities, not only do we offer specialist cleaning services, we also offer daily cleaning services for commercial businesses to ensure the standard of cleanliness remains throughout the building. Our deep kitchen cleans, commercial ductwork and ventilation cleaning, and even our daily cleaning services are highly recommended!

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