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Food Hygiene and Kitchen Deep Clean

There are many important regulations in place that govern the practices that must be in used for food preparation, hygiene, health & safety and cleaning. These are there to for many reasons and so important.

The item we of course focus on is the cleaning aspect. There are requirements that regular cleaning schedules are in place and undertaken. The deep kitchen clean, as well as daily cleaning, ensures the regulations are adhered to and that the business satisfies all its obligations.
Many of the duties have to be done at different intervals so a business will typically split these into schedules that incorporate daily, weekly and then periodically required jobs such as kitchen deep cleaning.

Kitchen Deep Clean

Grease and fat gradually accumulate in areas where they are less accessible meaning that the daily or weekly clean are insufficient. If left unclean for a period of time then this gives rise to the growth of bacteria and this can become dangerous and harmful. A kitchen deep clean should be scheduled at least once or twice a year to minimise the risk as well as improving the equipment lifespan. A deep kitchen clean will include the strip down of all items in the kitchen ready for a thorough cleaning. This will also allow the kitchen to be cleaned from top to bottom.

Below is a list of items/areas that we will clean:

  • Extractors and vents
  • Floors, walls, doors, ceilings and tiled areas
  • Fridges and seals, sinks, storage units, shelves and the feet of all units
  • Ovens, hobs, grills
  • Underneath all units, ovens and fridges
  • Removable kitchen appliances and equipment

FL Facilities will do all the above cleaning and use our professionally trained technicians to undertake the work. It is best to also get into a regular schedule for the cleaning and if you are a school for example, then the best time is of course during the school holidays. For restaurants and other organisations it is better to have the work done during quieter periods.

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