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Maintaining a Clean Office Environment

It can be tough to keep your office clean and tidy especially if there are a number of people working in the area. Dust and dead skin cells would start to accumulate on surfaces, dirt is walked-in from outside, and litter begins to build up as we pass through the working week. In this blog we discuss the importance of maintaining a clean office environment, and how we can help you.
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All organisations have a duty of care to ensure the safety of employees and visitors within the workplace at all times, as stated under the Health and Safety Work Act. Managing health and safety doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming, one way to ensure cleanliness is to hire a Commercial Cleaning company to come and do all of the cleaning for you. This way, your premises will be cleaned thoroughly and efficiently on a timely basis, with the correct chemical solutions and equipment so that it meets Healthy and Safety standards.

However, you should make sure employees follow policies to help keep the office pleasant with basic tasks such as keeping paperwork filed neatly away and maintaining a tidy desk – this helps to portray a professional image, and visitors entering the building will have a positive first impression of the business.

It is a good idea to keep some cleaning essentials such as paper towels, disinfectant spray, polish, cloths and screen wipes in a cupboard or drawer in your office. Let the other staff know they are there so they can clean up after themselves. Kitchen surfaces should be wiped down daily to as this could lead to staff sickness and absences if neglected.

Some cleaning companies, such as FL Facilities, offer daily cleaning services for commercial buildings at a time that’s suitable for you. This could relieve you from the pressure of carrying out many basic cleaning duties, such as hovering crumbs off carpets, cleaning windows, and waste management, and help prevent rodents and insects becoming a problem in your office.

These are just some of the basics, make sure you keep up with these cleaning duties and your office should remain relatively clean and germ free. We recommend however that you use a professional cleaning company who offer deep cleans to ensure a sterile environment, especially in the kitchen and rest rooms. An untidy, unclean environment could encourage bacteria to thrive and cause staff to become sick – leading to absences.

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Here at FL Facilities we take pride in our work, our company values, and customer satisfaction rating. We take time and care to assess our clients’ needs and provide tailor-made cleaning programs to deliver the service you require. No matter how often we visit you, our specialist team will perform a complete, thorough cleaning service, every time.

So whether you’re looking for office cleaners in Essex – who offer daily cleaning services, such as vacuuming and waste management – or thorough specialist cleaning available anywhere in the UK, we can help.

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