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Extraction and ventilation maintenance and cleaning.

New insurance regulations stipulate that ducting should be cleaned on a regular basis.  If there is a fire, and clear evidence that the systems haven’t been maintained and cleaned, any fire claim may be repudiated

Maintenance and sanitation

Eliminating fire risks in extract ventilation systems can only be achieved through professional cleaning of the entire system, beyond the capabilities of general cleaners, as there are unique requirements and equipment required to effectively and thoroughly remove dirt, grease, bacterium and odour.

Apart from the fire risk, the build up of grease in the kitchen extract system reduces ventilation efficiency by restricting the movement of extracted air, resulting in over-heating, humidity, and unwanted odours which can spread through the rest of the building.

Many ventilation fans churn around for years carrying the extra weight of dirt built up on their surfaces – once they are flowing freely again it takes up to 35% less energy to make them move.

FL Facilities will carry out a full inspection of your system.  Our team will use “state of the art” cleaning equipment to effectively clean and sanitise vents and ductwork systems in commercial buildings. Following the cleaning we will measure the remaining dust/grime, to ensure they are at the acceptable level for your system and issue you with a certificate.

Why is Ventilation Cleaning so Important?

  • Removes grease deposits
  • Reduces carbon
  • Reduces risk of fire
  • Improves airflow
  • It’s an Insurance Requirement
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