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Tumble Dryers: How Safe Is Your House?

Many of us make concious health and safety decisions every day to protect ourselves, loved ones, and property from potential harm; locking doors, keeping water away from electricals, and wiping down surfaces after cooking to kill harmful micro-organisms, however there’s more dangers around us that come from our appliances that are potential fire risks if not maintained and cleaned properly.

You may already know that we provide UK specialist cleaning to commercial businesses, but did you know that one of our specialist cleaning services includes Tumble Dyer Flues? Why it is so important to keep a tumble dryers vents clean? And why is a professional cleaning company recommended to carry out this task?

The Risk

tumble vent cleaningTumble dryers have always been a popular household appliance as they are quick, easy and reliable. They can also be a real danger. When you are heating or drying your clothes with a tumble dryer, lint is given off, coating the flue, which is then dried in-between cycles. Tumble dryer flues are often neglected and rarely maintained, which leaves an explosive combination of inflammable material in an enclosed space and oxygen easily permeates to it, which can be a scary thought. The situation can also be made worse when flues have long paths and many bends, in which the lint can accumulate and block the passage.

The flues can catch fire due to the combination of inflammable material in an enclosed space and therefore needs periodic specialist cleaning – a service which we can provide. Professional tumble dryer cleaning can be very beneficial:

  • improves the tumble operation so that clothes can be dried more effectively
  • increases the life span of your tumble dryer
  • and (most importantly) reduces the dangers and risks of a fire.

Statistics tell us that there are more than 15 thousand cases of fires due to tumble or other dryer vents catch light. But, to be more down to the point, it is negligence in cleaning the dryer vents that causes the problems in the first place!

UK Professional Vent Cleaners

We want everyone to be aware of the problems that occur with tumble dryers – residents and businesses alike – we want everyone to be aware of the solution to this problem. We will advise anyone who owns a tumble dryer to hire a professional cleaning company for periodic vent cleaning to keep you safe, and maximise the life span and efficiency of your appliance. Contact us on 01268 498952 for a service quote, or more information.

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Tumble Dryers: How Safe Is Your House?

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